Pattaya Girlfriend

It’s a fact: everybody adores Asian Teen girls of 18 years. But as a fact they are difficult to have. However, if you are willing to travel to Pattaya, Thailand and are willing to pay them, most will sleep with you – even when you are 60 years of age, bald and fat. The power of a little money can exceed expectations by far margins. Submit my TG provides snapshot nudes of Thai bar-girlfriends. Ladies who can be barfined out of Walking Street’s agogo bars where they work as exotic dancers for a living. Continue reading Pattaya Girlfriend

She is not a girl

Sukhumvit Ladyboy
Bangkok pre-op ladyboy Minnie from Sukhumvit night stroll. She is also an Asian TS beauty model
While checking out Bangkok for a few days I strolled around nightly sidewalk watering holes along Sukhumvit Road and was very attracted by a waitress who asked me to sit down and have a drink. I bought her a ladydrink and started a nice conversation. She was very feminine and kind. Her name was ‘Minnie’. She told me she was ‘almost’ a lady. I thought WTF – what does that mean? ‘I take hormones for 3 years and will have operation in August’ she said. Then I realized, she was a guy with the body of a women, a Ladyboy. Hmmmm, I felt so tempted to give her a shot and date her, but my mind was confused. Her skin was so soft and totally flawless … much nicer than any women I have ever met before. I showed this sexy iphone picture to a friend the next day and he said I should have tried this Bangkok Ladyboy as she was super cute.
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Pattaya Walking Street

street walker
Working girl parading Walking Street at nights.
High heels, short skirt with a tight top. That’s how freelancing girls parade along Walking Street in Pattaya at night to attract views of foreign tourists. It’s an alternative scene to freelancers in discos and the obvious agogo girl dancers who are available for barfines. Pattaya is one of the most seedy places in Asia with around 50,000 working girls and ladyboys. It’s a huge number. And there is an equally large amount of gay sex places in Boyz Town and other locations that are not accounted for by normal tourist guides.
What else? It’s possibly the most active Asian porn production talent pool after Tokyo and Okinawa, Japan. While porn is frowned upon in Thailand, lot’s of mongers write about their Pattaya pornstar barfines on various Pattaya fora where they exchange pictures of Thai girls in secret membership chat rooms. They write where to find bargirls from Thai porn sites like Asian Apple Seed and Creampie Thais.
I guess there are gay forums who do the same about boys, but I am not an expert for queers and don’t really care.
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Greetings from Singapore

Hi Guys. Welcome to my new Asian Sex Blog. I will try to give you guys my opinion and experiences with girls in Asian countries from the view point of a pale Western guy. It’s not going to be porn site at all, but is intended to show how deluted public opinion stays in comparison with reality. At least that is my opinion. Stay tuned for updates, soon! I will do some reporting from Geylang and Orchard Towers, too. Japanese Gaijin soaplands, Thailand’s agogo bars, forbidden Korean sex, Philippines dating, Malaysia freelancers and Hong Kong orgies with Chinese pussy will be on the list for future posts.

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